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Japanese water features, water pumps, finia, water fountains
Japanese Garden Water Features
Our granite fountains and water features will blend into any garden, not just a Japanese garden.  We also have a range of complementary lights, pumps and water feature supports.  Water features can often be used on their own without the need for a pond, giving you that tranquil sound of running water without having to maintain the pond. 
stone garden water feature
stone garden water feature
stone garden water feature
plastic tubing
water pump
Flexible Plastic Tubing
Seibun Ishi
Aqua Ishi Booru
Water Pump for Deer Scarer or Bamboo Fountain
Aqua Ryu
Finias - A range of 'instant' water feature supports for loads up up to one ton, with easy access to the pump.
finia 1800 water feature
finia 1000 water feature
Finia 1375 water feature
finia 650 water feature
Finia 1800
Finia 650
Finia 1000
Finia 1375
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