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The price charged shall be the price ruling on the day the order is acknowledged.
2. PAYMENT. Goods shall be paid for before dispatch.
3. DELIVERY. Any date given shall be an indication only.
4. NON-DELIVERY, DAMAGE must be notified within seven days of the indicated date of delivery, or receipt.  If goods are found to be out of stock after the order and payment has been accepted, the seller will refund the buyer the purchase price or offer an alternative delivery date, at the buyer's discretion.
5. FORCE MAJEURE. The seller shall not be liable for failure to fulfill any order or part of an order because of forces beyond his control.
6. LIABILITY. The seller's liability is restricted to replacing goods shown by the buyer to be defective, and will not cover consequential loss, damage or injury incurred while working with the goods. The buyer shall indemnify the seller against any damage or injury he may sustain through the fault of the buyer.
7. SUITABILITY FOR PURPOSE. The seller guarantees that the goods are of suitable quality, but accepts no responsibility for suitability for purpose.
8. OWNERSHIP. The ownership of the goods shall pass to the buyer when the full amount of the purchase price has been paid, but risk shall pass to the buyer on delivery of the goods to the address specified by the buyer.
9. VARIATION. These conditions may not be varied without the written consent of the seller.
9.TERMINATION. The buyer reserves the right to terminate the contact if the seller:
Under any of these circumstances, the buyer shall immediately pay to the seller any sums of money due.
10. CONSUMER RIGHTS.  Nothing in these conditions affects the statutory                            rights of the buyer.
11. WAIVER. Any failure or indulgence by the seller in respect of these conditions shall not limit or extinguish the rights of the seller under this contract.
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