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Japanese Courtyard Gardens are pleased to offer you a comprehensive collection of artifacts for your Japanese garden. 

These include hand-carved Japanese granite ornaments (stone lanterns, water basins and other water features, statues, pagodas, bridges and garden furniture), bamboo products (poles, fences, gates and screens), and miscellaneous Japanese garden ornaments including stepping stones, rain-chains and shoji paper.
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Stone Lanterns
Other water features
Japanese Stone Lanterns
Hand crafted in natural granite these lanterns will enhance any Japanese style garden. 
Japanese garden Granite Basins
A Japanese granite basin can be used as a simple water feature or birdbath. 
JAPANESE Garden water features
Granite fountains and water features plus a range of lights, pumps and reservoirs.
Garden Furniture
Bamboo products
Granite garden furniture for Japanese gardens
Granite garden furniture, provides a useful and attractive feature in your garden. 
Granite animal figures for Japanese gardens
Natural granite animal figures for an interesting addition to any Japanese garden.
Bamboo poles and bamboo products
A wide choice of bamboo products with screens,poles, water spouts, ladles and string.
Statues & Pagodas
Miscellaneous garden ornaments
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Stone Statues for Japanese gardens
Japanese Garden ornaments
A statue or piece of Japanese sculpture will enhance any garden and create a beautiful centre piece.
Japanese garden accessories including stepping stones, planters, bridges, edging and posts.
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